Aboriginal words and their meanings


ADINA: pleasant, good 
AKUNA: flowing water
ALKIRA: bright, sunny
ALLAMBEE: to remain awhile
ALLAWAH: stay here, rest, sit down
ALUMUNA: our home
AMAROO: lovely or beautiful place
ARUMA: happy
ATTUNGA: high place

BALAKA: content
BANYANDAH: home on the water
BANYULA: many trees
BAROOGA: my home
BENBULLEN: high, quiet place
BIMBADEEN: good view
BINOWEE: green place
BIRUBI: the Southern Cross
BUNDALEER: among the trees

CABBAGA: a garden
CARAWATHA: place of pine trees
CARINYA: happy home
COOINDA: happy place
COORUMBENE: a pretty place
CORANDIRK: good place to live

DULILI: together
DUNGOG: clear hills
DUNOON: ridge

ECHUCA: meeting of the waters
ELEEBANA: sweet, fragrant
ELLIMATTA: our home
ELLIMEEK: my home
EUMERALLA: valley of plenty
EUROA: joyful, happy

GNOORONG: place of abode
GIAGINYE: glad to see you, welcome
GIRRAWEEN: place of flowers
GUMBUYA: meeting place
GUNYAH: place of shelter
GWANDALAN: rest, peace

WAHROONGA: our home, my home
WALLAWA: stop here
WANDANA: see far away
WARRANYAH: my house
WARRINA: a place of rest
WARRUGA: good view
WEEMALA: distant view
WEEMILAH: a good view
WEERONA: resting place
WEERONG: place of rest
WEEROONA: resting place
WERONA: quiet
WONGABURRA: our home
WOONAN: home
WYUNA: clear water

YALLAMBEE: to dwell at ease
YALLAROO: beautiful flowers
YALLEMBEE: to stay
YANAGIN: green trees growing
YARINGA: near the sea
YARRABEE: many gum trees
YOOROOGA: my home
YURARA: extensive east view
YURNGA: extensive view
YURRAH: plenty of trees
YURUGA: extensive view


ILLALANGI: home on a hill
ILLOURA: pleasant place
ILLOWRA: pleasant place

KALANG: beautiful
KALIMNA: beautiful
KALLARA: tea-tree
KAMEKURA: wait ‘til I return
KAMERUKA: wait ‘til I come
KANANGRA: beautiful view
KARINGAL: happy camp
KARINYA: happy home
KARRAWA: that will do
KILLARA: always there
KOOYONG: resting place
KURANYA: rainbow
KYEWONG: my home

LAMBRUK: a homestead
LANGI: dwelling
LARNOOK: habitation
LUMEAH: here I rest

MALPARARA: two friends
MARLEE: elder tree
MAROONG: pine tree
MINBALUP: a happy place
MIRRABOOKA: Southern Cross
MONOMEETH: welcome
MOONYAH: safe house

NANGANA: to see
NARBETHONG: a cheerful place
NOORONG: place of abode
NOWRA: you and me
NUMERALLA: valley of plenty
NUNKERI: beautiful, excellent, pretty
NUNYARA: made well again

OMAROO: beautiful view
ORANA: welcome
ORROROO: wind through the trees

PANKINA: be happy
PATANGA: place of gum trees
PINDARI: high ground

QUARBING: a good place
QUIDONG: the place of the echo
QUINDALUP: a happy place

TABULUM: my native home
TAKUMUNA: a house on a rise
TALDUMANDE: a substantial house
TANDARA: camp here
TANDERRA: resting place
TARONGA: a beautiful view
TATHRA: beautiful country
TUMBEELLUWA: evergreen
TYALLA: eucalyptus

UMINA: to rest
URALBA: home between the hills
URALLA: house on a hill