We understand that naming your home can be difficult


Prior to a bill being passed requiring the naming and numbering of street in Britain in the mid 18th century, the naming of houses was the only means of its identification. The naming of homes gave character and personality to each area.

This tradition was brought to Australia by the first British settlers, who often named their homes after place their place of origin.

Today, Australians come from many different countries and the variety of names is endless. To start you thinking about a name for your home, we've compiled this list.

You may already have a name. If it has been lost and the name in unknown, look at the Title to the house, if unsuccessful, try the Sewerage Authority's 'Plan of Drainage' or "Property Sewerage Plan", you may already have these documents.

A good guide to house naming can be found in the book "House Names of Australia" from Lyre Bird Publications

If you are still unsure here are some ideas.


Various House Names

Aboriginal Words